“The power of mathematics is often to change one thing into another, to change geometry into language. ” 
-Marcus du Sautoy

Learning to count is a vital skill to be learnt. It is a skill that has an affect throughout the entire lifetime. The problem is that its not always easy to learn maths. People learn in different ways and to some people it is hard to understand the abstract thinking of traditional math teaching technique. This is the reason why we have developed EMMA -empowering math -learning method. 

Benefits of Emma -Empowering Method 

  • Visible and tangible (easy to understand for all) EMMA, not abstract learning, which is difficult to understand for some learners

  • Number talk concept: learning by reasoning, convincing and “proving” 

  • 4 ways of number talk is in active use in the classroom 

  • Appreciating different ways of solutions, not only one possible solution  

  • Gaining understanding – not just committing to memorization 

  • Everyone will succeed! This supports the formation of concept of numbers.

In class every child participates in the number talk learning technique and is an active part of the learning, reasoning and teaching process, working together with other children. Novel way to math and collaboration in learning.


  • U.S. patent pending for EMMA- learning tools for math

  • Development of new mathematics national curriculum in Finland was one reasons impacting the development of EMMA.  The Development project is partly financed by the Ministry of Education.

  • Emma has been tested in Classroom since 2010 in Finland

  • Well accepted among Finnish teachers: Those who have tested, will not go back to traditional method

  • Excellent results for all pupils, and specially for children with difficulties in learning math

  • Pupils who have been on achievement level 10-15% in the national test have been able to reach 80-100% achievement level when compared to average national learning level.






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Mr. Jari Arffman Chairman of the board jari.arffman@emmamath.com tel. + 358 50 325 0041   Skype: jariarffman

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